Bunk Beds - Mandatory Standard Requirements (Australia)

  • Author: Watchdog Compliance
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Bunk beds are subject to a Mandatory Standard which specifies they must meet specific safety criteria before they can be lawfully sold in Australia.

This Guide sets out the steps you need to take to verify the bean bag products that you want to sell meet the requirements of that mandatory standard.

It includes:
  • detail on what products must comply;
  • product safety requirements;
  • warning label requirements;
  • links to recent recalls.

It also includes a downloadable Supplier Verification Checklist.

Important note:  The information contained in this guide is of a general and simplified nature and is intended only to provide compliance support for individuals and businesses to assist them to understand their Mandatory Standard related compliance obligations in Australia.  The information in this guide (and the attached supplier verification checklist) is not intended as legal advice, and businesses and individuals should also seek their own information and advice (in addition to this guide) as is appropriate to their unique circumstances.