How to make environmental claims - without greenwashing

  • Author: Watchdog Compliance
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: 10-15 minutes
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Course overview

This is online guide on 
how to make environmental claims -
without greenwashing.

It outlines the
3 basic steps a business needs to take to ensure that any environmental claims that it makes are accurate, verifiable, relevant and not misleading. 

It provides practical guidance for marketing, e-commerce, ethical sourcing and executive teams.

What's included?

This online guide includes sections on:

  • Making environmental claims - what are environmental claims and why do businesses make these?

  • What is greenwashing? - and what are the penalties and consequences if this occurs.

  • 3 basic steps you need to take to avoid greenwashing - this section sets out what a business needs to do before it makes environmental claims.

Important note:  The information contained in this guide is of a general and simplified nature, and is intended only to provide compliance support for individuals and businesses. It is not legal advice.

Watchdog Compliance specialises in assisting businesses to comply with their legal obligations in Australia and New Zealand, in the areas of Competition and Consumer law, Modern Slavery, Privacy & Spam.