Consumer Law for Product Teams

This training is suitable for product, merchandise, buyers and management team members. 

  • Author: Watchdog Compliance
  • Study time: 30 minutes
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Course overview
This course will assist team members to understand important requirements relating to:

  • Mandatory Safety and Information Standards in Australia and New Zealand
  • Product safety
  • Product claims
  • Warranties
  • Mandatory reporting of product safety incidents

What is included in this course?

This training module:

  • gives an overview of the consumer laws and the consequences for you and your business of not complying with these laws;

  • provides an overview of product safety requirements;

  • outlines what products are subject to a Mandatory Standard;

  • gives guidance on how you can comply with Mandatory Standards;

  • guides you on how you can responsibly source and sell safe products;

  • outlines the rules around product claims and unsubstantiated claims;

  • gives guidance on 'Manufacturers Warranties';

  • gives guidance on 'Warranties against Defects'; and

  • outlines the requirements around mandatory reporting of safety incidents.

Case Studies


Statement of Completion

Watchdog Compliance specialises in assisting businesses to comply with their legal obligations in Australia and New Zealand, in the areas of Competition and Consumer law, Modern Slavery, Privacy & Spam.