Don't fob off button battery compliance

Oct 18 / Watchdog Compliance

Even very large businesses can come unstuck in relation to compliance with mandatory standards relating to button batteries.  

Just in the last few weeks:

  • Tesla Motors Australia was required to pay $155,460 - for failing to conduct necessary safety tests or provide the mandatory safety warnings for some key fobs and door sills.
  • General Motors Australia conducted a recall - for a remote control for a retractable tonneau (rear passenger compartment).
Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your supplier has these compliance requirements under control or take anyone's word that they have proper evidence and test reports – do the checks and review the evidence for yourself.
To make compliance with these requirements easier for you and your business to navigate, we have developed training and practical guides that clearly set out the steps you need to take to verify the products that you want to sell meet the requirements of the mandatory standards. Our training modules include:
If you are interested in discussing training for your teams or for your suppliers, please contact us.