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Our clients

We proudly support a diverse array of retail outlets, online marketplaces, telecommunications providers, travel agencies, F&B enterprises, fashion labels, FMCG brands, online comparison platforms, construction firms, financial institutions, health insurers, children's product suppliers, and beyond. See some of our valued clients below:
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Understanding the Consumer Law

We navigate the rules that have been crafted to safeguard consumer rights and ensure fair play in the Australian & New Zealand marketplaces.

Our informative video guide covers business obligations, advertising, pricing and product safety requirements. 

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Making Environmental Claims

Access our short video guide (12.45 minutes long) 
includes content on the 8 principles for businesses should follow when making environmental claims. 
Includes new guidance published by the ACCC in December 2023.  

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Mandatory Standard Product Guides

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Watchdog Product Safety Awareness Training for Sellers & Suppliers

We have a comprehensive range of product safety awareness modules for suppliers and sellers in Australia and New Zealand.