Competition Law (Restrictive Trade Practices)

  • Author: Watchdog Compliance
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: 25-30 minutes
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Course overview
This training is about the Australian and New Zealand competition laws that apply to your business.  It explains the laws that apply, and the role you play individually in making sure your business stays compliant.
These modules cover what you need to know in your role about:
  • The competition laws of Australia and New Zealand and how they affect you;
  • The consequences of breaching these  laws and the benefits of complying;
  • Your responsibilities under these laws; and
  • What you can do if you discover a problem.

Lesson series

What's included?

  • What is Competition Law?
  • Dealing with Competitors (Cartels)
  • Pricing
  • Dividing up the Market
  • How much to supply
  • Tenders (Bid rigging)
  • Big players in the Market
  • Influencing Selling Prices
  • Exclusive arrangements
  • Improper discussions

The training also includes scenarios, a quiz on completion and trainees will receive a Statement of Completion.
Watchdog Compliance specialises in assisting businesses to comply with their legal obligations in Australia and New Zealand, in the areas of Competition and Consumer law, Modern Slavery, Privacy & Spam.