Watchdog Product Safety
Awareness Training

These are our training modules on product safety awareness for sellers in Australia and New Zealand.

You will receive invaluable guidance on how to ensure your products meet the necessary safety and regulatory requirements.
You will also gain insights into potential risks and liabilities and learn how to avoid them effectively.

You will need to enrol in the course that is relevant for the category of products that you sell into Australia or New Zealand (see list below). 

You can choose from one of the courses below:

  • Suppliers of general products that do not fall into any of the below categories (WDPSA01)

  • Suppliers of toys, crafts and novelties (WDPSA02)
  • Suppliers of infant and nursery products (WDPSA03)
  • Suppliers of button batteries or products containing button batteries (WDPSA04)
  • Suppliers of homewares (WDPSA05)
  • Suppliers of clothing and accessories (WDAPSA06)
  • Suppliers of sports and recreation products 
  • Supplier of cosmetics and toiletries (WDPSA08)
  • Suppliers of fire extinguishers
  • Suppliers of tobacco and smoking products (WDPSA10)
  • Suppliers of products that require specific regulatory approval - electrical, gas, chemicals, TGA products (WDPSA11)

Important information:
If you are not sure what course you should complete, we would be happy to hear from you and we can help you out - contact us.

If you sell a product that is in more than one category, you may need to enrol in more than one course to ensure you recieve the supplier verification forms you will need.

If you do not supply products that fit into any of the above categories, you will need to just complete the WDPSA01 training and you will receive your Statement of Completion.

You can contact us about bulk discounts on enrolment if you need to train more than 5 staff or enrol in more than 3 product category courses.

We can provide this training in other languages including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Hindi and Turkish.  Please let us know if you would like to access modules in another language.